Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Seawall entrance to Acadia

Yesterday was chilly and rainy off and on so we took a little ride down 102 to Southwest Harbor where we found the source of all things lobster - namely, Beal's. We priced out those little beauties and will be buying some to boil up here at the cabin today or tomorrow. The prices are absurd - wish we could buy dozens and dozens and take them home.

After SW Harbor we ventured on down 102 to Bass Harbor, which lead us into the Seawall area, and this is what it looked like:

But these pix don't do it justice. Nothing prepared us for this: driving through the forest with occasional glimpses of the sea, only to come around a bend and have a sweeping view of the shoreline. It was tremendous.

Today is sunny and gorgeous so we're heading back down there to walk the Wonderland and Ship Harbor Trails, and then check out the Bass Harbor lighthouse. If it's still not raining, we'll come back up here and walk the Beach Cliff Trail off Echo Lake - from the trail maps it looks like the views would be gorgeous.

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