Monday, May 11, 2009

It was an interesting trip up here

We intended to leave around 4AM Saturday but what with working so late and being tired (did I mention we didn't pack until Friday night) we slept until 7AM, fooled around packing and whatnot and finally left at 10:15. We knew it would take about 12 hours because we stop frequently to stretch canine and human legs and we did get here at about 10:30 PM. But! The rain the last three hours - looking back now it's comical but at the time between the heavy fog and sheets of rain, there was almost no visibility - truly, it was hideous.

But here are the notes of joy - as we arrived on the island, the rain stopped, so we were able to unload everything rain free and easily, and, when we woke Saturday morning, the sun was blazing into our windows, it was warm and beautiful! Ok, it started raining again shortly thereafter, but I'm taking both occurrences as signs of how wonderful the next two weeks will be.

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