Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday May 21 - Coming down to the wire

Weather-wise, this was the best day yet.  Sunny, somewhere in the 80s and then later a cool breeze that made the day even better.  

Up early (for vacation, anyway) and off to buy water, return a movie, then stopped in Cadillac Mountain Sports then over to Eagle Lake Loop and Trail.  We headed south down the West Carriage road then detoured up over Conner’s Nubble for fantastic views and back down to the carriage road then over a short stretch of the Jordan Pond Carry Trail back to Eagle Lake Trail -- which considering the state of the trail, the number of bugs and the sheer irritation of it all I wish we hadn’t, but it wasn’t too long until we came back out to the carriage road.  

It was a beautiful walk back around the lake via the carriage road, breezy and sunny and the lake certainly is gorgeous.  Lots of bikers on the path.  Back to the cabin early for soup, decided to call it a day - everybody is pooped!  5.4 miles, 3.25 hours.

Wednesday May 20

Started the day by visiting the Lilac Lily (fantastic yarn and stitching shop in SW Harbor) where I bought a couple of Acadian cross stitches and something for Annie's extremely belated BD.  Then off to Jordan Pond and South Bubble Trail 4 miles about 3 hours.  It was a very cool day and overcast to start but the path around Jordan Pond was easy.....UNTIL we got to the South Bubble Trail and decided to go up and have a look. I'll post the video as soon as I get home - first time I was scared but got over it. M is an excellent person to have with you on these hikes - really knows his stuff and has complete confidence from years of experience - not to mention the balance and agility of a mountain goat. 

It was a steep ascent over boulders and large rocks, once again, a so-called moderate climb. Maniek hoisted the Scotties over the really steep parts, we climbed (only one grip in one rock) and up we went. And once again, well worth the climb for the unreal views. Fortunately we came back down the other side much more easily and back onto Jordan Pond Trail and out. Sun came out and it got warmer; first night we didn’t build a fire at the cabin.  Ate our second round of lobsters and corn from Down East (1.5 for me, 2 and 1.5 for M).  M watched the Wrestler - said it was sad. Slept like babies.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday May 19 Hadlock Ponds and Lobster

Today we trekked around Lower and Upper Hadlock Ponds - 3.8 miles, took us about 3 1/4 hours.  We shot a lot of footage with the new camcorder (love it love it love it) that I'll try to edit and post tomorrow - the area was truly beautiful and a great, easy walk except for all the danged roots underfoot and extremely poor trail markings.  But I shouldn't complain because it was such a clear sunny day and gorgeous scenery.  

After, we went directly to Down East Lobster that Dotty told us was the best place, and bought two gigundo creatures that we brought home and devoured.  I think we're going back tomorrow.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Scotties Playing 6AM

Mavri was having a fine time by herself, and then Aspri told her off and attacked.

Views from the cabin

Looking across Somes Sound to Bald Peak, Parkman and Norumbega mountains in Acadia National Park and the side and back of the cabin.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

And one more

More scotties in the cabin

A man and his dog.

And speaking of chipmunks

This trip we've seen some wonderful wildlife, from the biggest deer I've ever imagined, to chipmunks, brownish squirrels, and the most amazing little hummingbird who comes and hovers outside our picture window every day.  We thought we were seeing things until I looked into it and in fact hummingbirds do come through this area every year.  The one we see is a rufous hummingbird, but this image doesn't do him justice.  He has a brilliant red head and to see him hanging in the air is just a treat. 

Now if only a moose would wander by.....

Friday morning May 16

We mostly just hung around the cabin Friday - Maniek sat outside carving, and I sat inside cleaning up some bills and other junk that shouldn't have anything to do with a vacation, but there you go.  After breakfast


cooked by an amazing man in an even more amazing costume, we had a visitor

who showed us the true meaning of "chipmunk cheek".

Friday, May 15, 2009

From Bald Peak to Parkman

Mavri lead the way.

Looking back the way we came.

Thurs May 15 Bald Peak and Parkman Mountain

Another so-called moderate climb (when I get my hands on whoever wrote this guidebook...) which really was great, lots of climbing but then up to Bald Peak, which is what we see from the window of our cabin, and Parkman right next to it. It was a tad windy up there.
We took some pixs across the Sound to the cabin for perspective. You can almost see the circle I drew around the cabin.

Bald Peak Trail up and Parkman Mountain Trail down - 2.7 miles which took us 3 hours because we took our time. It was windy as all get out up there!! But sunny until we got back to the bottom and turned colder then, so we called it a day.

Mavri in the cabin

Early May Birthdays - Echo Lake

Birthday Boy. Not bad for 52.

Birthday Dogs. May 10. And looking great for 3!

Wed May 13 HBD Maniek!!!

For his birthday, Maniek got the gift of an absolutely gorgeous day. Sunny, warm, perfect for hiking. We took our time getting ready and then went to Echo Lake to start our hike around 11:30.

In the guidebook, it said that it was a moderate hike with gorgeous views, so up the hill we went.

I want to know who's idea of moderate includes 4 iron rung ladders?

Maniek hoisted the dogs up to me and when I tell you it was worth every bit of effort, believe me! We looked down on Echo Lake and were stunned.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 12 Tuesday Ship Harbor

I read that this area would be deadly for ships and in fact gets its name from a wreck that occurred here. The scotties don't seem all that interested in history, just the view. Well, one of them does, anyway.

May 12 Tuesday Wonderland - Seawall Area

Not only squirrels climb trees in Wonderland...

May 11 5 something AM sunrise from the cabin

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Seawall entrance to Acadia

Yesterday was chilly and rainy off and on so we took a little ride down 102 to Southwest Harbor where we found the source of all things lobster - namely, Beal's. We priced out those little beauties and will be buying some to boil up here at the cabin today or tomorrow. The prices are absurd - wish we could buy dozens and dozens and take them home.

After SW Harbor we ventured on down 102 to Bass Harbor, which lead us into the Seawall area, and this is what it looked like:

But these pix don't do it justice. Nothing prepared us for this: driving through the forest with occasional glimpses of the sea, only to come around a bend and have a sweeping view of the shoreline. It was tremendous.

Today is sunny and gorgeous so we're heading back down there to walk the Wonderland and Ship Harbor Trails, and then check out the Bass Harbor lighthouse. If it's still not raining, we'll come back up here and walk the Beach Cliff Trail off Echo Lake - from the trail maps it looks like the views would be gorgeous.

Why it's called Quarry Edge

It looks a little like a friendly face, don't you think?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Lazy Monday morning

Like the title says.........

It was an interesting trip up here

We intended to leave around 4AM Saturday but what with working so late and being tired (did I mention we didn't pack until Friday night) we slept until 7AM, fooled around packing and whatnot and finally left at 10:15. We knew it would take about 12 hours because we stop frequently to stretch canine and human legs and we did get here at about 10:30 PM. But! The rain the last three hours - looking back now it's comical but at the time between the heavy fog and sheets of rain, there was almost no visibility - truly, it was hideous.

But here are the notes of joy - as we arrived on the island, the rain stopped, so we were able to unload everything rain free and easily, and, when we woke Saturday morning, the sun was blazing into our windows, it was warm and beautiful! Ok, it started raining again shortly thereafter, but I'm taking both occurrences as signs of how wonderful the next two weeks will be.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

...and with boats

M's fascination with rocks

It's like deja vu all over again

Back in our little cabin on Mount Desert Island - the time (and stress) between last October and now seems to have disappeared. I told M this morning that I think we are meant to be here some day. The Sound, the mountains, the weather...there's just something about it. And the scotties love love love it here. I think the climate suits them - hunting for small animals, standing against the breeze - if it wasn't so cute it would really be comical (note to self: look up latitude of Scotland - are we close?).