Monday, September 29, 2008

Acadia Mountain Saint Saveur Trail

Scotties taking in the view of Somes Sound, Mount Desert, Maine.

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Kyle missed us

Which is great because no damage or power outage, just some heavy rain and chilly. Somehow the npb stove started smoking last night so we had to open all the windows - still smells like a smoker in here, but in a good way. M was freezing this morning - didn't tell him it was most likely because the dogs and I had all the covers.

But this morning!!! Too beautiful in a misty cool way-took the dogs out first thing and there was the sound, mist drifting over, sun coming up behind the mountains across from us, clouds, reflections, one or two anchored boats-almost saccharine in its beauty if it wasn't somehow hardy and New Englandish. I think I'll have to move here.

Off for a day of hiking around Acadia.

Happy Birthday Ryan!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The view from here... unbelievable, still, even as I sit here anticipating windswept storms, no power, no facilities, just battening down the hatches and getting through it. My 3 companions are napping, soft music is playing, crocheting awaits. Life IS good.

Hunkering Down(East)

Kyle is headed straight for us so this will be very interesting. According to our temp landlords, we will prob lose power and with that goes our toilet (elec pump) but we have our little fireplace, plenty of wood and we're happy.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mount Desert Island, Maine, 9/27/08

Arrived here around 4:00 PM so we made excellent time considering we left home at 4:30 AM and stopped about 4 times. Long drive, but worth it just to see the changing leaves and view here. It's mysteriously foggy, which creates a wonderful backdrop for the sound and the mountains and trees. Our temp landlord tells us that Somes Sound is actually a fjord - will have to research that.

The tiny cabin is absolutely adorable - the coziest ever - especially with the fire M built in the little corner not quite pot-bellied stove.

Rustic doesn't begin to describe the quaint and homey feel of this little place. We love it. Scotties are conked out - they did so well travelling up here but as usual Aspri suffers from motion sickness; even the Dramamine can't quite fix that entirely. But we think they'll have a ball here hiking and exploring, and I know we'll enjoy the quiet.

Although.....quiet might not be what happens over the next few days - someone said there's a hurricane or at the very least a nor'easter headed this way? Gack.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Baby afghan and toy

Tonight is Aunt Callie's BD party. The girls are all brushed and have their cool red scarves on. We'll be packing right after for our trip - we're leaving at 3 AM to start the what-would-normally-be 10 hour drive but with Scotties will prob take us 12. Trying to arrive in Desert Island Maine by 3 PM Saturday.

Finished the baby afghan for Michelle's shower last Sat which I alas was not able to attend, but it came out pretty good. Also the goony-looking amigurumi penguin. Love that little bugger!

Lion Brand® Wool-Ease® Pattern #: 70583AD

I'm making the bunny now and want to do the elephant, turtle and octopus. The baby is now due 11/1; still don't know what it will be except adorable!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Vaca cabin Mt Desert Island

Getting ready to leave for Acadia late Friday; looking forward to sitting by the sound, walking in the woods. Maniek can't wait to do his photog stuff. We're staying here for the week; it's tiny, but right above the sound and near Echo Lake and some nice trails. Hope the girls are up for the hike!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Here are some pix of the girls when they were little. Mavri is the black Scottie and Aspri is the wheaten. 

Chester Scotties First Blog

Hi all!
Starting this blog to write about my family, dogs, interests, etc., but calling it Chester Scotties because I'll be posting pix of them.  Love our dogs, can you tell?! 

We live in Chester, PA, hence the title, and there are two Scotties, 1 Toy Poodle, 3 aunts, my husband and me.  Our house is really more like a BnB than anything else with frequent overnight guests and lot of foot traffic, which is great by me......sometimes....

Not really sure what I'll be doing here, but I wanted to join the blogging world and see if I can get my thoughts down.

See ya.