Monday, October 13, 2008

Tunisian Simple Stitch Simply Curled My Toes

Well. No pix to show you of my curled piece of TSS. It worked, and the stitch was lovely, but unfortunately I was using cotton yarn and I ended up with a tube which I ripped out. Then I tried stockinette, ditto. So, I think my stitches are too tight and I need a different yarn. Anyway here are the links, if anyone's interested, to some sites where people actually know how to do TSS!
These guys are all pros and have great instructions for all kinds of stitches.

I decided to use up a huge skein of baby soft yarn from Lion Brand that I bought for Michelle's baby blanket but didn't use, so I'm making a scarf. So far it's looking good.

I have Teresa's baby's sweater to finish, and the amigurumi elephant, then I'm going to try felting. Bought some great wool to crochet slippers for M which then get felted. We'll see.

Meanwhile we started up the Thursday night stitching club again but with a serious paucity of members! Actually, it was Mr. C, Annie, Mom and me last week -- waiting to hear from Helen and M&H will be back next week. I think we should expand our little circle!

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