Monday, October 20, 2008

Pre-Thanksgiving Turkey

Yesterday while Annie and Jack were driving home from Boston in stop and go traffic, the rest of us were having dinner here. We cooked a turkey as a rehearsal for Thanksgiving using Mark Bittman's recipe in O mag - although I don't eat it the others loved it so I'm going to use the same method for the real turkey day. It was a good method and produced a nice brown bird and good gravy, which of course I spiked with white wine and brandy. But the best dish was delicata squash that I cooked in a sort of teriyaki glaze I put together - it was really tasty.


Taking poor Aspri to the vet today; her back and belly are covered with pimples and she can't stop scratching. I was going to try to make her do without meds for 6 weeks so we could get her allergies tested but I can't stand her suffering like this. I'll see what relief we can get her, and then perhaps in the cold weather when it goes away I'll get her off the meds and over to Metro Vet for testing. The problem is we can't give her steroids because she gets way too aggressive and attacks Puki and Mavri. She had poor Puki in a necklock last time. So I'm hoping Dr. B. can give us something else to help her out.

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