Saturday, October 11, 2008

Catching Up

So, a little catching up to do.

Friday was our last day in Maine (thanks again, Dotty Kay and David!) so we decided to really go tourist and spend the day in Bah Hahbah - and it was just as pretty as we'd heard it would be. Weather was great, so we walked along the Ocean Trail and through the town -- what a dog-friendly place that is!

Almost every shop has a doggie water dish, and all the shop owners welcomed our little companions. They were even allowed with us while we ate! All the pix are on SmugMug here. Look in the Travel Gallery for all the Acadia photos.

On Saturday we drove down to Boston (Woburn, actually) to see Ryan but it was so tight we only got to spend 2 hours with him over dinner at Asgard in Cambridge. Food was really great (although alas not vegan for me - eggs in the pasta, shame on you). Still, great to see him at all! Next time will be the holidays, I guess.

We stayed at the Hilton in Woburn and speaking of dog friendly! Unbelievable! Check out the Hilton dog bed, placemat and bowls! Pampered, anyone? We're lucky they were so accomodating. While we were out to dinner, there was a lot of coming and going in the the hallway and the Scotswomen had a fit. They did quiet down (or so the wonderful front desk clerk told me) but they had a restless evening. We haven't had that happen before, so maybe it's time to brush up on our hotel manners.

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Make mine a vegan martini, please.