Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Short hike along the shoreline

We took advantage of the cool but not yet rainy weather yesterday and hiked along Echo Lake Ledges down along the river and around to the beach, then back by the road. Nice little walk, about 1½ hours. There were two ducks hoping for food on the beach side of the lake and they weren’t afraid of the dogs – guess their desire to be fed by humans has tamped down their natural fear somewhat. That, and it seems they know they can swim faster than the dogs, then fly away.

Raining today off and on, but the view out on the Sound is great – misty, foggy, rolling clouds. Perfect day for a fire, stitching and napping.

On the vegan note, all is well. But as for wine, well, let’s just say I fought the wine and the wine won. So, it’s vacation after all, and maybe I’ll wait until I get home to say farewell my friends.

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