Monday, September 13, 2010

4:54 AM Monday 9/13/10 MDI Maine

Up early today as usual – old age or maybe Lanahan syndrome. Once my eyes are open it’s pretty much all over. Not quite as cold last night but still very, very chilly here – love it.

Day 8 of Vegan Kick Start (which I see I wrote as Quick Start before). Except for minor incidents, one of which was accidental, when I had puttanesca sauce at Pesto in Philadelphia and found bacon in it, and the other of which involved peanut butter cups (my lips are sealed) I’ve done very well. I feel different eating a totally plant-based diet, and now that I’ve bid farewell to my liquid friend I should see blood sugar and triglyceride results in about a month. We’ll see.

On a side note, who puts bacon, or maybe it was ham, in puttanesca sauce? I guess it’s a personal recipe, but I thought the most animal-like thing in it was anchovies. I’ve made it many times and never used meat. And I was disappointed in Pesto – no marinara sauce on the menu, which was why I was willing to eat anchovies. Excellent roasted veggie appetizer, though. And it was a fun night out with the “girls”. Looking forward to next time.

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