Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gratitude, or, My Little Song of Thanksgiving

Haven't posted for a while - guess I've been busy with one thing and another. I started a gratitude journal that I'm keeping in my handbag so I remember to update it every day. I heard part of a show with Dan Gottlieb on public radio about changing one's perspective (only that's not what they called it) and it really struck a chord with me. Hopefully keeping a daily record of what I'm grateful for will keep my attitude positive. Stop laughing, Joe.

So, today I'm posting here instead of in my little book, which, btw, is a very pretty pink and green girly print, so not my style that I actually love it.

I'm grateful that Thanksgiving went smoothly and for my so good husband who cooked the turkey, make the gravies, heated up everything and got it all on the table. Extremely grateful for him, especially given the fact that I was in bed for most of the day sick. He really did a great job.

I am grateful for my mother, who is my anchor, my friend, confidante and cohort in Scottie dog amusement, and for Daddy Bill, who is her great companion and my friend.

I'm grateful for the best 2 kids anybody could ever ask for: my stepson, Maniek, Jr., and my daughter-in-law, Maria. How lucky was I to get them in my life?

I'm grateful for my three aunts who have taken care of me and supported me for a major part of my life.

I'm grateful for my sister, for my nephews and niece, for little Charli, and for all my other relatives and our family friends.

I'm grateful for my job and the wonderful old house we live in.

I'm grateful that Obama was elected. I know, it seems off the point, but I am.

I'm grateful for the aforementioned little Scottie dogs, who bring joy and laughter to our lives.

I'm grateful to have the love of so many people.

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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Unknown said...

Finally had a chance to check out your blog. I never know where the time goes. Your babies are so cute!

How lucky we are Miss Fily to have so many wonderful people, family and friends, in our lives!What would we do without them!

Sorry to hear you weren't well over the holiday but it sounds like that lovely husband of yours did a bang-up job!

Your little neice is beautiful!Babies make our world seem fresh and new. The possibilities seem endless, don't they?

Well I've gone on long enough. Just wanted to wish you and your entire family a happy and safe holiday.

Your friend, Annie Bananie :-)