Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another Saturday Night....

...and here we are. I sent a really cute card (at least I think it is) to Buttons and Baylee who will be 3 on November 13. Older sisters to our cutie pies. Facebook is interesting; Betsy finds cool stuff and passes it on. She kidnapped me to Paris but being new I was allowed to escape. Wonder why we pass the time this way?

I think Allison left for Texas and I'm a little sad that I never got together with her before she left. Maybe Annie knows where she is. And meanwhile, Michelle is due any day and I CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT BABY TO GET HERE!!!

So I guess I'm just rambling, but really, that's why I started this blog. For me. To ramble on, rambling rose. OMG I'm making myself sick.

On a hopefully different and upbeat note, been reading all the blogs, posts, news articles etc. about Barney Bush biting that reporter. Apparently Ms. or is it Miss Beasley bit one or two folks as well. Nobody ever said the Celts were a warm and friendly people - I mean, after all, it's cold, wet and dreary where we come from. And one should respect another's privacy and reserve instead of intruding into personal space. Scotties are a funny little breed - very independent and very standoffish except when it suits them. But I like that in a dog...Bella was much the same, going her own way and only going along with the program if it made sense to her. Having a mind of your own is a good thing. And anyway nobody likes a wimp.

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