Thursday, October 1, 2009

thursday 5 AM

September and December seem to be BD month in this family. We have Ryan, Cousin Peter and Aunt Callie now and then in December so many!! Aunt Marian, Bill, Tyler, Maniek, Maria and soon the newest little Schoen! Good thing we do one big bash for the whole crew.

Charlie will be one November 11 and I can hardly believe it. Annie's babysitting on Saturday so I'm going up with her - hopefully I'll get some good pix to post here.

Started tracking my walks as of 9/18 using MotionX-GPS and it's a fantastic application for iPhone - makes the entire phone worth having. The FB application that keeps a log of your tracks is a little buggy, though - most of my tracks disappeared but they're working on finding out why. Here's last night's walk - straight out 320 and back.

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