Monday, September 29, 2008

Kyle missed us

Which is great because no damage or power outage, just some heavy rain and chilly. Somehow the npb stove started smoking last night so we had to open all the windows - still smells like a smoker in here, but in a good way. M was freezing this morning - didn't tell him it was most likely because the dogs and I had all the covers.

But this morning!!! Too beautiful in a misty cool way-took the dogs out first thing and there was the sound, mist drifting over, sun coming up behind the mountains across from us, clouds, reflections, one or two anchored boats-almost saccharine in its beauty if it wasn't somehow hardy and New Englandish. I think I'll have to move here.

Off for a day of hiking around Acadia.

Happy Birthday Ryan!!


3B's and a D said...

Love the blog!!! We sure love seeing the WONDERFUL Scotties!! Glad to see you weathered the storm!! Take Care...3B's and a D

Anonymous said...

I think I'll call you Evangeline from now on you Longfellow you. JB

Chester Scotties said...

You made me go look it up. :p

So erudite, so learned, so, so, so, JB!